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CBSE 12th Exam Analysis 2018

CBSE 12th Chemistry Analysis 13th March 2018 Predictions, Marking Scheme

CBSE Chemistry 13th March Analysis 2018

The Central Board Of Secondary Education recently held 12th Board, Chemistry Paper today. The CBSE conducted the exam today 13 March 2018. The CBSE has conducted the 12th Board exams in overall India. Something lakhs students appear in this exam in over all India. Before exam students seen very happy and after the exam students look confused. After talked students, the sat the Question Paper was average better. According to students hope, they do not attempt better. CBSE chemistry 13th March Analysis 2018 check out here soon!

They attempt only average. The CBSE has conducted Chemistry Paper last year also but students not performed better in last year. Last year exam went only average. But this year exam paper was very easy according to experts. Some experts say that about the exam, not hard but also this is only tricky. Students don’t understand the paper. and they have made confused.


CBSE 12th Class Chemistry Paper Analysis 2018

The CBSE conducted 12th Board Chemistry exam today on 13 March 2018. After the exam students seen confused. According to students, they do not attempt a better score. They scored only average scored in the exam. After talked Students, they told, we hope we crack the paper something 90% but in the exam, we cracked paper only 75%. The Paper was very tricky. Many students must be wondering whether they have attempted the questions correctly in the exam today or not. After asked students and regarding the questions and answers of today’s Chemistry paper. And the feedback gives that the questions were tricky but ‘attemptable’. There were few tricky questions. Therefore, CBSE 12th Class Chemistry paper Analysis 2018 updates are given here!

CBSE 12th Result 2018 

At the first sight the question paper seemed very difficult but on a thorough reading, most of the questions were attemptable. The numerical questions had an easy calculation. The questions were direct. There were no out of syllabus questions. All questions in the paper were based on CBSE 12 Chemistry syllabus.

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CBSE 12th 2017 Chemistry Paper Images

Students Not seen very sad and worried about the paper they have look average happy. Even an average student seemed confident when they started attending the exam. The chemistry paper was attemptable and scoring. Passing the paper was not at all a point of concern but at the same time scoring 75% and above. Though there was some winding question through patience and calm mind, we could say, they were also attemptable.

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CBSE 12th Chemistry paper Prediction 2018

When we were talked to some experts, then they were sat that the question paper tricky but Paper attemptable. According to experts, the question paper was not very hard, only tricky. Some smart students understood paper and scored high. Students, who solved at least five previous year paper, could solve the question paper easily. The questions were repeated from previous year paper. The experts told that’s only a trick game. Questions not hard only tricky. Students, who understand the questions, they solved.

12th Board Chemistry paper 2018 Difficulty level

The chemistry paper for session 2018 consisted of 26 questions. One Marker questions – 5 Questions (very short questions), Two Marker questions – 5 Questions (short questions), Three Marker questions – 12 Questions (short questions), Four Marker questions – 1 Question (value based questions), Five Marker questions – 3 Question (Long questions), One & Two Marker questions – They were easy and the students found these 10 questions attemptable.

We provided here CBSE exam Analysis for students. We already provided physics, Business Study question paper analysis here. Now today we provided chemistry paper Analysis. Students can visit our website and get the analysis of the question paper. We will be provided again next question Paper analysis. So, students visit continue on our website. We provided here much more information about all type exams like universities exams, school exams, recruitment exams etc. Students and any candidates get information from our website. So, students that is the total analysis of the Chemistry Question Paper.

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CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper Analysis 2017

The Central Board of Secondary Education is going to conduct the exam of Chemistry for Class XII on March 25th, 2017. The board examination for all the streams of Science, Commerce and Arts has already been started. The exam was started on March 9th for the Class XII. The students should prepare for the board examinations. They should really work hard for the examinations. The students try to make assumptions about the next exam which is going to be held in coming days. CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper Analysis 2017 has been done here for all the students, Coaching Institutes, Faculty members, Parents etc. Deepti Rawat, student of Class 12th Tagore Public school, jaipur said that, the paper was easy as well she attempted all the questions quite well and the paper was according to the given syllabus and she finished it swiftly in the given time. 

CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper Exam Analysis 2017

The day of examination for the subject Chemistry is coming in few days. The students of Class 12th are worried about the paper pattern of the exam of Chemistry. They are searching everywhere for CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper analysis 2017. Their search is over here. The students of Class XII of science stream should focus on the preparation of board exam of Chemistry. They must take care of certain points which are very important. Firstly, they should attempt all those questions which seems to be easy for them. Next, they should attempt those questions for which they know the solutions. CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper exam Analysis 2017 will help students in many ways!

Question Type Marks of each question No. of Questions Total Number of Marks it carries
LA (Long Answer Type) 5 3 15
SAI (Short Answer) 3 9 27
SAII (Short Answer) 2 10 20
VSA (Very short Answer) 1 08 08
Total 30 70

For all students of Class 12th Chemistry you need to check the below details:

Difficulty Level of Questions Percentage %
Easy 15
Average 70
Difficult 15
Overall Easy to Average


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If they follow these point, it is sure that they will score the marks in the subject of Chemistry for Class XII. It should be noted that the students must not spend too much time on a single question. It can lead to the wastage of time. In starting when students start to attend the question, they cannot make the decision whether the question paper is lengthy or not. But after some time, they can realize about the length of the paper and start solving the questions accordingly. CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper Review 2017 has been done for the students, they can check and review their whole paper.

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CBSE 12th class Chemistry paper Analysis 2017 – Experts

To help the students of Class XII of science stream, there are certain CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper analysis 2017. These CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper analysis 2017 will help the students in preparation for the exam. It is expected that the Chemistry paper of Class XII for the year 2017 might be easy as compared to the last year’s question paper of Chemistry. CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper analysis states that the question paper of Chemistry will cover all the Units of the syllabus. The students will not be provided with the options of choosing questions. They have to attempt all the questions. There will be 30 questions in total.

CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper analysis 2017 says that the level of the question paper will be moderate. According to the CBSE 12th class Chemistry Paper analysis 2017, the questions in the question paper will be easy, moderate and difficult type. The question paper of the Chemistry is assumed to contain numerical questions. The students can score the good marks by attending the numerical questions. Although Questions from P Block and aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids were little bit tough and lengthy! Overall the paper was moderate in difficulty level.

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CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper analysis 2017 also states that all the questions which will be asked in the question paper will be from the text book of N.C.E.R.T. It is expected that the students will attend the question paper easily. CBSE 12th Chemistry Paper Review states that the students must prepare themselves for every level of the question paper. henceforth, we will keep updating information for CBSE 12th class Chemistry 25th March 2017 Analysis. Keep checking this page for all updates!

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